Freegin Awesome Design
The Freehill - Reeg Family
The Freehill - Reeg family is a collaboration of Kimberly Freehill and Nicholas Reeg to make FREEGINAWESOME Designs. 
The two of us meet one sunny day at corporate restaurant we both happened to enlighten with our presence. Both transplants to the Pacific Northwest from different parts of the country even world. We soon took a fancy to each other and not long after started a family together.
We have now changed career paths. Kimberly is perusing a master’s in education to help mold the future young minds of the world and I recently was in the emergency medical field. Together we have one amazing son (not bias at all).
During this process we discovered a passion to create, love to explore and now want to share it with the world. 
We focus on a mixed medium to help enlighten our and your lives thru the beauty of our craft and art. Kimberly focuses on photography and sewing. I focus on wood and metal work. Together we both make jewelry. Our son is also exploring his talents with super cool pearlier bead projects.
I hope you can find peace and love in what we give to the universe.
All feedback is welcome. Please enjoy!